Fuchs Cassida Products Guide

FUCHS Cassida is an outstanding range of fully synthetic lubricants which cover all the lubrication requirements of the food and beverage industry. With superior technical performance, neither food safety nor machine reliability is compromised.

FUCHS Cassida provides a total solution to manufacturers and processors of food and beverage products who care about their brand and their company's products. Tasteless, odourless and non toxic, FUCHS Cassida meets all the necessary industrial standards for use in the food industry, providing you with complete peace of mind.

FUCHS Cassida can provide you with the right product for your food and beverage manufacturing needs. For more information on the high performance products available, please use the links below:


Cassida Fluid GL (Gear Lubricants)
Cassida Fluid GLE
Cassida Fluid WG
Cassida Fluid HF (Hydraulic Fluid)

Cassida Grease EPS
Cassida Grease HDS
Cassida Grease RLS
Cassida Grease HTS 2
Cassida Grease LTS 1
Cassida Grease VTS 3
Cassida Grease XTS

Cassida Chain Oil
Cassida Chain Oil HT
Cassida Chain Oil LT
Cassida Fluid PL (Penetration Lubricant)
Cassida Silicone Fluid (Spray)

Cassida Fluid CR (Air Compressor Lubricant)
Cassida Fluid VP (Vacuum Pump Fluid)
Cassida Fluid RC (Rotary Cookers)
Cassida Fluid DC 32 (Direct Contact)

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